Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Musicians’ Vehicle Intentionally Blocks Hollywood Freeway, Band Starts Jamming for the Trapped Motorists

October 13th, 2010

Today a band tried a nouveau type of marketing ploy to get themselves known to the American public. The band blocked three lanes of the southbound Hollywood freeway and climbed on top of their van and started playing a show for the captive audience/motorists on the freeway. When the California Highway Patrol responded to the scene, reportedly one of the band’s clan had left the scene with the keys to the van so the vehicle could not be moved.

It was reported that the fiasco was a marketing ploy to make a name for the band. Also, it was reported that the band was filming a video of the ploy as well. As it happens, one of the charges for which they group was arrested was filming without a permit – among a litany of other charges.

While it seems as though this ploy would be a great marketing idea, of course, the undertaking ran the risk of making the band quite hated in the Hollywood area – SoCal residents don’t take kindly to jerks blocking the freeway merely to gain headlines and attention. And, as it was, I never heard any news report mention the band by name – so time will tell if the marketing ploy will be successful or if the band will merely be thrown in jail in obscurity.

I have since learned that the band is called the Imperial Stars with the song “Traffic Jam 101”|met:102300|cat:0|order:2. You tube video:, I have yet to see the video – but I noticed the many unhappy comments.

Kind of funny, though, in my opinion.

Adam Trotter / AVT

November 12th, 2010

Found the video as well: The song has s few good riffs to it but the video is a little boring but not bad, I suppose.