Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Musicians’ Vehicle Intentionally Blocks Hollywood Freeway, Band Starts Jamming for the Trapped Motorists

October 13th, 2010

Today a band tried a nouveau type of marketing ploy to get themselves known to the American public. The band blocked three lanes of the southbound Hollywood freeway and climbed on top of their van and started playing a show for the captive audience/motorists on the freeway. When the California Highway Patrol responded to the scene, reportedly one of the band’s clan had left the scene with the keys to the van so the vehicle could not be moved.

It was reported that the fiasco was a marketing ploy to make a name for the band. Also, it was reported that the band was filming a video of the ploy as well. As it happens, one of the charges for which they group was arrested was filming without a permit – among a litany of other charges.

While it seems as though this ploy would be a great marketing idea, of course, the undertaking ran the risk of making the band quite hated in the Hollywood area – SoCal residents don’t take kindly to jerks blocking the freeway merely to gain headlines and attention. And, as it was, I never heard any news report mention the band by name – so time will tell if the marketing ploy will be successful or if the band will merely be thrown in jail in obscurity.

I have since learned that the band is called the Imperial Stars with the song “Traffic Jam 101”|met:102300|cat:0|order:2. You tube video:, I have yet to see the video – but I noticed the many unhappy comments.

Kind of funny, though, in my opinion.

Adam Trotter / AVT

November 12th, 2010

Found the video as well: The song has s few good riffs to it but the video is a little boring but not bad, I suppose.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Head of Planned NYC Ground-Zero Mosque Warns of Violence/"Repercussions" by Muslims if Mosque is Disallowed?

September 9th, 2010

On this morning’s national news television shows it was reported the head of the planned NYC Ground-Zero mosque (Imam: Feisal Abdul Rauf) warned of likely violence/repercussions if the planned mosque is not allowed to be completed as planned. (Fox News, and either “The Early Show” or “The Today Show” I don’t remember which.)

Oh yea, I ask? Warnings of violence/repercussions, huh? This is from the “religion of peace” that had planned this “sanctuary of peace” near ground zero? Is that so??

Well I say, FUCK them!!! All the more reason to prevent this mosque from coming to fruition!!!! (See:

As for the head of the planned mosque's warnings of violence perpetrated by angry muslims, would such violence be perpetrated against more innocents of which their religion has a [recent] history? See: And see:

Warnings of violence, huh??? Does anyone think the United States populace evolved to what it is by fearing threats of violence from simpletons? Does anyone really think this country will become like the wimps in France that have allowed the Muslim population to take over the nation and then do whatever it takes to appease that portion of the population that puts their religion above individual freedom? I don’t think so!!!

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Should one care to put their religion above their individual freedoms, that is fine. However, dont get upset when others may not share your preferences/priorities!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Is Sportsmanship Reaching a New Low with NCAA Football?

September 5th, 2010

Given the widespread and long-standing practice of running up the score in one-sided football games and the subsequent rewarding of such a practice in national press association rankings, one has to wonder does the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) truly care about sportsmanship in men’s college football?

I mean…, when a highly-ranked football program/team amasses a score on the level of fifty to nothing (50 to 0) against a team that is obviously out-matched and not ranked in the national standings, other than bolstering the winning team’s national rankings, is there anything to be gained by continuing to run the score up to a final score of seventy-two to nothing (72 to 0)? Case in point, Eleventh Ranked Oregon: 72, New Mexico: 0. Is the goal in college football now to humiliate the opposing team to better one’s national rankings? Does such a practice of padding the score help to foster sportsmanship on any level - as the NCAA claims sportsmanship as one of its goals? (

Are we as a culture no longer to care about sportsmanship? Or has sportsmanship now evolved to a state of ultimate fighting clubs where the upright competitor betters his position by endlessly kicking the downed opponent until the out-matched competitor openly submits and removes himself from the competition, as if college football is now nothing more than a street fight between gangs of ignorant punks? I am aware that running up the score on the opponent for higher national rankings is nothing new: But….wtf ?!?!?

I commend the underdog school for playing such a highly ranked team, as well as the higher ranked program for allowing the other school a chance to play them. But, if the teams are so unevenly matched as displayed by the final score, maybe they shouldn’t be playing one another anyhow.

Other examples from yesterday’s season opener games which seem to display questionable sportsmanship and padding of the scores include (regardless of when the second string athletes took the field):

No. 1 Alabama: 48, San Jose State: 3
No. 2 Ohio State: 45, Marshall: 7
No. 8 Nebraska: 49, Western Kentucky 10
No. 13 Miami (FL): 45, Florida A&M: 0
No. 17 Arkansas: 44, Tennessee Tech: 3
No. 20 Florida State: 59, Samford: 6
No. 23 Georgia: 55, Louisiana-Lafayette: 7
No. 25 West Virginia: 31, Coastal Carolina: 0

Totals From Scores Listed Above:
Ranked Schools: 376, Smaller Unranked Schools: 36

I’m just wondering what’s going on with all this and how the NCAA views these outcomes to be in keeping with any goals of sportsmanship. Does anyone else share my concerns on this matter?

Adam Trotter / AVT

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Concerning the Muslim Mosque Near Ground-Zero in New York City…

September 4th 2010

You know…, instead of time and time again expecting mainstream America to display unbiased and unfettered tolerance of differing opinions, religions, lifestyles, and the likes, maybe the Muslim group that wants to build a mosque near the National Memorial and Cemetery we all know as Ground-Zero (the site of the former World Trade Center Towers) could actually show a little sensitivity to the mainstream and move it all up-town or anywhere else for that matter. I mean…, any other group that cared anything about public relations or were less self-centered in their demands would surely have the awareness to show some amount of sensitivity to the concerns of the populace, right?

In general, the American people have not shown hatred towards Muslims as a result of the actions of a few zealots of their religion upon attacking our nation in an unprovoked manner on 9-11. Yet, if the supporters of this mosque show so little sensitivity to the wounds of the populace in determining the location of the site for their mosque, do we really care if we offend them by standing opposed to their planned location for their mosque? The planned site for the mosque is not Holy Ground for the Muslims, is it? Ground Zero for the mainstream American, on the other hand, is a National Memorial Cemetery, and for that matter, is Holy Ground for the mainstream American.

Are the supporters of the location of the planned NYC mosque near Ground-Zero too blind to see this reality or do they have no sensitivity to the concerns of the mainstream American populace, or both?

Adam Trotter / AVT

Monday, August 23, 2010

Watch Me Play a Working-Class Hero….

August 21st, 2010

Look for me on an upcoming episode of the television show “The Office.” I am cast as a construction worker, a working-class hero; unshaven, unwashed pick-up truck, polite to all, yet beholden to none. Someday, I would hope to aspire to such an iconic station in real life as well; that is to say, hope to rise to the level of a working-class hero. :)

Adam Trotter / AVT

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Has American Idol Shot-Its-Wad?

March 23rd, 2010

Has American Idol television singing competition done shot-its-wad? It’s as if…, the whole competition was started to find a new Janis Joplin. Well…., it appears the competition may have found its new Janis Joplin in the contestant Crystal Bowersox. If this all be true, where can the competition go from here? Nowhere? Downhill? Maybe find another Janis Joplin in another ten years? Looks like the show has done shot-its-wad! This seems especially so, when one considers all the disruption concerning judging personalities. We’re looking forward to the end of this season, but: Thanks for the fun, Idol. We’ll remember you fondly (at least for a few years until our collective ADHD kicks in anyhow). :)


PS. The kind’a funny thing about it all was that Bowersox had the gumption to sing the money song, ‘Bobby McGee,’ on money night – when the contest goes from eleven contestants to the final ten who have then finished ‘in the money’ from that point forward.

PSS. “…freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose….” & “…I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday…” Fantastic!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey American Idol, Why You Dump Contestant Shelby Dressel?

February 17th, 2010

Last night the talent reality show "American Idol" eliminated the contestant Ms. Shelby Dressel from the competition as part of the competition’s customary contestant reduction enroute to an ultimate winner of the competition. Worthy of note, however, controversial talent judge Simon Cowell voiced his displeasure with the release of Ms. Dressel. While being an attractive young woman, apparently, Ms. Dressel was born with some type of facial disfigurement disability condition; most of which she has either outgrown or overcome (please don’t quote me on any of these specifics, ‘cause I don’t really know them for sure). But anyway, I blog to say that I disagree with the release of Ms. Dressel and her elimination was likely a huge mistake for the Idol competition – for whatever my opinion is worth.

Given the history of her condition, to rise to the level of being a qualifying contestant on American Idol, Ms. Dressel has shown a strength of character that seems to be somewhat lacking on our modern society. To overcome such a disability and to have to contend with such as a child, must have been difficult and trying throughout her life as well. I am aware that the American Idol competition is not about judging the contestant singers on strength of character alone, of course. But such a factor should have been given more weight in her judging, certainly at these early stages of the competition anyhow – again, in my opinion. With the exception of Judge Simon Cowell, the decision makers of American Idol should have reconsidered the elimination of Ms. Dressel.

To be clear, I am confident that Ms. Dressel asked for no pity or consideration of her condition with regards to the judging of her singing ability. I’m sure no pity was warranted either. However, though maybe not the ultimate best singer in the competition, Ms. Dressel could easily be a star as a result of her talent and compounded/strengthened by the fact that she has essentially overcome such a visible aesthetic handicap (as some of the condition still visibly exists). Furthermore, she could easily pose as a role model for others similarly afflicted. And, she had enough singing talent to justify her remaining in the competition as well as the necessary potential for growth and maturation of talent too.

In light of the draw in numbers of viewers the Idol competition pulls from the American public and revenues resulting from such as well, Idol was in a unique social position to effect a worthwhile and constructive change concerning the attitudes of Americans towards those with disabilities. But as has been recently shown time and time again, corporate-type America has little or no sympathy for those afflicted with any physical impairment regardless of any laws concerning such – and the court systems of our nation no longer seem to care to enforce disability laws either. (Such a disregard by the court system is especially so depending on who is ignoring the laws, like say in the case of any Federal employer or the likes.) Along this line of thought, Idol also seems to give little credence to the plight of those that suffer from physical ailments. Such a disregard of the difficulties overcome by those with disabilities was quite apparent in American Idol’s decision to eliminate Ms. Dressel.

Anyway, American Idol really ‘missed the boat’ with the release of Ms. Shelby Dressel, in my opinion. Idol could have made a significant impact in helping the disabled of our nation by recognizing the difficulties associated with disabilities. However, Idol chose to ignore the realities of the situation by attempting to turn an impartial blind eye to the special circumstances of the matter. To allow Ms. Dressel’s continuation in the competition would have caused American Idol no hardship. To be sure, Ms. Dressel’s continued presence in the competition could have brought further worthwhile attention to the plight of those that continually suffer with disabilities.

Either way, should she ever read these words, I personally would like to thank Ms. Dressel for having the courage, strength of character, and talent to come forward in this nationally televised singing competition. At a minimum, as a result of her obvious leadership strengths, others similarly afflicted may garnish the necessary fortitude to follow and overcome their difficulties as well. Kudos and best wishes to you, Ms. Dressel.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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