Saturday, September 4, 2010

Concerning the Muslim Mosque Near Ground-Zero in New York City…

September 4th 2010

You know…, instead of time and time again expecting mainstream America to display unbiased and unfettered tolerance of differing opinions, religions, lifestyles, and the likes, maybe the Muslim group that wants to build a mosque near the National Memorial and Cemetery we all know as Ground-Zero (the site of the former World Trade Center Towers) could actually show a little sensitivity to the mainstream and move it all up-town or anywhere else for that matter. I mean…, any other group that cared anything about public relations or were less self-centered in their demands would surely have the awareness to show some amount of sensitivity to the concerns of the populace, right?

In general, the American people have not shown hatred towards Muslims as a result of the actions of a few zealots of their religion upon attacking our nation in an unprovoked manner on 9-11. Yet, if the supporters of this mosque show so little sensitivity to the wounds of the populace in determining the location of the site for their mosque, do we really care if we offend them by standing opposed to their planned location for their mosque? The planned site for the mosque is not Holy Ground for the Muslims, is it? Ground Zero for the mainstream American, on the other hand, is a National Memorial Cemetery, and for that matter, is Holy Ground for the mainstream American.

Are the supporters of the location of the planned NYC mosque near Ground-Zero too blind to see this reality or do they have no sensitivity to the concerns of the mainstream American populace, or both?

Adam Trotter / AVT

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