Thursday, September 9, 2010

Head of Planned NYC Ground-Zero Mosque Warns of Violence/"Repercussions" by Muslims if Mosque is Disallowed?

September 9th, 2010

On this morning’s national news television shows it was reported the head of the planned NYC Ground-Zero mosque (Imam: Feisal Abdul Rauf) warned of likely violence/repercussions if the planned mosque is not allowed to be completed as planned. (Fox News, and either “The Early Show” or “The Today Show” I don’t remember which.)

Oh yea, I ask? Warnings of violence/repercussions, huh? This is from the “religion of peace” that had planned this “sanctuary of peace” near ground zero? Is that so??

Well I say, FUCK them!!! All the more reason to prevent this mosque from coming to fruition!!!! (See:

As for the head of the planned mosque's warnings of violence perpetrated by angry muslims, would such violence be perpetrated against more innocents of which their religion has a [recent] history? See: And see:

Warnings of violence, huh??? Does anyone think the United States populace evolved to what it is by fearing threats of violence from simpletons? Does anyone really think this country will become like the wimps in France that have allowed the Muslim population to take over the nation and then do whatever it takes to appease that portion of the population that puts their religion above individual freedom? I don’t think so!!!

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Should one care to put their religion above their individual freedoms, that is fine. However, dont get upset when others may not share your preferences/priorities!

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